Florida Firehouse Legacy: 9 Firefighters Welcomed Their Babies In 10 Months


Florida Firehouse Legacy: 9 Firefighters Welcomed Their Babies In 10 Months



Nine babies in ten months. There is nothing special in this phrase. However, considering the fact they were all born within one firefighting team makes it an incredible achievement.

Caring specialist

Being a responsible firefighter requires a high level of physical endurance, extensive knowledge in the sphere, and of course a strong character. Smothering a fire is not a big deal for an experienced specialist; comforting a scared kid is a completely different story.

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You should know exactly what to say to distract the kid from the happened accident, similarly to how this firefighter comforted a girl who’s just lived through the horrible accident.

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He gave her the most sincere hug and calmed her down within a few minutes. What a professional!

© NBC San Diego

Unbelievable baby boom

That must have been a perfect experience for a man who claimed to have a pregnant woman. We are glad to congratulate him and his colleagues from another department. Davie Fire Rescue in Broward County boasted with an unusual achievement within their team. Nine firefighters welcomed their newborn babies just in 10 months.

The official Davie department Twitter called this an exquisite baby boom. Davie Fire Rescue Assistant Chief, Jorge Gonzalez, mentioned such unusual experience influences the team’s atmosphere extremely positively, which increases the mutual understanding among the servicemen:

The fact that the babies were born so close to each other “forms great unity” within the fire department.

Gonzalez added, nobody planned the joint pregnancies – it just happened spontaneously.

Future firefighters

Twitter users reacted jokingly on the unbelievable coincidence and enjoyed the amazing experience happening inside the firefighting team.

We hope all the babies will grow up strong and healthy and, perhaps, take after their parents to become another great firefighting team in Davie.

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