Famous Plus-Size Celebs And Their Plus-Ones


Famous Plus-Size Celebs And Their Plus-Ones



Good looks don’t always guarantee you a happy relationship. Men’s tastes in women vary; that’s a fact. And the best proof for that is the stories of famous curvaceous women meeting the love of their lives regardless of their shapes.

Adele and Simon Konecki

Their love story lasts for over 7 years. Over this time, the couple has got to live many happy moments, including the birth of their son Angelo. What’s special about this couple is that they still treat each other gently. Simon unreservedly declares his love for his woman and she responds just as enthusiastically.

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Tess Holliday and Nick Holliday

Her title as the biggest model in the world didn’t stop Tess from finding her happiness and starting a family. Her husband Nick seems to totally adore his ample woman. He is bothered neither with her extra pounds, nor with having a baby from the previous relationship, and not even his wife’s cheeky personality.

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Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

The American actress many people adore for her comedy roles has found her family happiness with a colleague. This union was successful not only in terms of a personal relationship but work one as well. The comedians have released several projects in collaboration, which have yielded great results both in the USA and abroad.

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Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham

The iconic TV host is famous not only for her projects but also for her arduous fate. Despite tough childhood and troubled youth, she managed to find her happiness as an adult. This happened thanks to Stedman Graham’s appearance in her life. It’s been three decades and the couple is still as inseparable as they were when they first met.

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Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin

Plus-size models are often the center of heated discussions. Many people aren’t happy with this trend. But why would girls like Ashley Graham care about the haters’ opinion, especially when they have their beloved man beside them? By the way, the muscled and handsome man isn’t bothered with what people call “extra” pounds on his woman’s body at all.

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These beauties’ stories only prove once again that people are loved not for the ideal facial features or slim shape, but for their charisma, charm, and self-confidence.

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