Famous Noble Births: Behind-The-Scenes Stories About The Deliveries Of Royal Family Members


Famous Noble Births: Behind-The-Scenes Stories About The Deliveries Of Royal Family Members



Royal family looks forward to meeting each of its new members, and every time a new baby is born it becomes a significant event in the British history. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are waiting for their third baby to come to this world at any moment, let’s reminisce about the previous deliveries of the royal kids.


Preparations to delivery

Kate Middleton is already on her final lap of pregnancy and is always ready to head to Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. By the way, the establishment has already prepared the unhindered vehicular access to its front door by suspending any parking possibility near the premises.


The notification had no official reason and was claimed to be applicable from April 9 till April 30, due to the event.

Even though the cause was not revealed, we all know the real origin of the restrictive sign.

Other royal labors

The father of the future kid is also known to be born in the same hospital. Prince William broke the tradition of Buckingham Palace deliveries and on June 21, 1982, he appeared in Paddington as well. His father Charles was present with Diana during the entire labor and soon provided a sensitive statement about the son’s birth:

I am so thankful I was beside Diana’s bedside the whole time because by the end of the day I really felt as though I’d shared deeply the process of birth and as a result was rewarded by seeing a small creature!

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William’s brother, Harry, also appeared at the same hospital. During the labor that lasted for nine hours, Diana was reading a book, while Charles was napping beside her. At the crucial point, the nurse made the mother suck on an ice cube to prevent dehydration during the delivery. Prince Harry of Wales came to this world one week earlier than was expected.

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Their father, Prince Charles, was born when Elizabeth was only 22 years old. Her labor was long and painful, lasting more than 30 hours until she finally gave birth by Caesarean section.

Prince Philip, Elizabeth’s husband, was not present during the delivery process and was playing squash with his private secretary in another part of the royal residence. When he found out about the birth, he ran up to the labor room and, once Elizabeth woke up from her anesthetic, gifted her a bouquet of red roses and carnations.


Gender intrigue

Each story is unique, and the Cambridges third child has already become legendary, as the gender of the kid is still unknown. Moreover, even the happy parents have no idea about the baby’s sex and will only announce it two days after the delivery.


We just hope the adorable couple will live through the labor safely and patiently so that we could finally find out about the fifth claimant to the royal throne.


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