Devastating Reason Why Princess Diana's Newlywed Days Were Different From Kate's And Meghan's Experience


Devastating Reason Why Princess Diana's Newlywed Days Were Different From Kate's And Meghan's Experience



Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s romance was closely watched by the entire world. The public was overly excited about the royal relationship and the wedding but, perhaps, a bit more than the couple itself.


We know that the Queen’s eldest son proposed to Diana after 12 dates, and they quickly got married only 5 months later. It seemed like it was the love for everyone to wish for: fairytale wedding, two beautiful sons, and public admiration.


But looking back at the start of their relationship knowing about Charles’ affair, especially comparing them to Kate and William, or even Harry and Meghan, people find a lot of issues, and feel bad for Princess Diana.

What do people say?

In hindsight, there are many things to uncover, so naturally, people are getting a much clearer picture, which isn’t working to Diana’s advantage.

It’s different for her sons

So, why were Diana’s newlywed days different from Kate’s and Meghan’s ones? It’s simple: her son’s are in love. It’s heartbreaking to say, but Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn’t experience the same feelings as William and Harry did (and do) with their mates.

It’s speculated that Charles kept his ties to Camilla Parker-Bowles all throughout his engagement and start of the marriage. Diana most likely knew she wasn’t the only woman on her fiance’s mind. Pair that feeling with constant attention from press, which was often negative, and we end up with an unhappy bride.


Their honeymoon took place on a cruise, where they were surrounded by staff and, according to Diana’s diary that was made public, newlyweds were mostly catching up on their sleep.

Now, look at William and Kate or Harry and Meghan. The couples were in a similar situation with the media attention, but they supported each other through it all and even famously broke some rules to make their brides feel more comfortable in the family.


In addition, princes’ honeymoons were very private and secluded, which is exactly how it’s supposed to be when newlyweds are in love and just want to be with each other.

But it would be unfair to bring down the memory of Diana’s married days. After all, she had two wonderful sons, and people around the world loved her. We will forever cherish her memory.

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