David Beckham Took His Mom Out For Breakfast At The Ritz


David Beckham Took His Mom Out For Breakfast At The Ritz



David Beckham is an awesome dad and he seems to like spending a lot of time with his family. The father of four is often seen with the kids at events or having fun. And they are not the only ones who get Beckham’s attention. He is also a doting son.

On Wednesday, Beckham spent some quality time with his mother, Sandra Georgina West. The pair had breakfast at the Ritz in London.

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Breakfast at the Ritz can be pricey, starting as high as £52. The restaurant’s prestige breakfast which includes 50 grams of caviar costs £300. But it looks like Beckham and his mom opted for eggs with asparagus and Cumberland sausages.

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They hang out a lot.

This is not the first time that the former LA Galaxy player has been seen with his mom. The pair often hangs out together. During his playing days, Sandra would often come watch Beckham play.

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In addition, he also goes to social events with her. You are likely to catch the pair at football games or places like Wimbledon.

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Beckham shares lots of photos of him and his mom on Instagram. He gives her credit for some of his hairstyles as his mother is actually a hairdresser. Beckham even makes his sons hair, thanks to skills he learned from his mom.

All-around family man

When it comes to family, Beckham is pretty hands on. He has admitted that retiring from football was a good thing. Now, he finds more time to look after his family. Beckham is essentially a house-husband. And he is happy with the new position.

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With his wife, Victoria, now busy building her fashion brand, Beckham takes time to manage the children, all of whom are now living in London. And although he has had to make some adjustments to his routine, not much of what he does now is new.

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I’ve been lucky, I’ve always been able to take the boys to school in the mornings and pick them up and make them dinner and things like that. So I do even more of that.

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For several years while he was still playing football, the Beckhams lived in Los Angeles. But upon retiring, the family moved back to London.

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Beckham also spends a lot of time with his daughter Harper. According to him, she takes after her mother in many ways. She may well be on her way to getting into the fashion business.

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