Conway Twitty’s Daughter Gave A Touching Gift To Loretta Lynn In Commemoration Of An Unbreakable Bond Between Lynn And Her Father


Conway Twitty’s Daughter Gave A Touching Gift To Loretta Lynn In Commemoration Of An Unbreakable Bond Between Lynn And Her Father



Conway Twitty, the country and western singer, died on tour at 59 years old. It’s been more than 23 years since his passing, and his daughter Kathy just shared something that has all of his fans in tears.


Many of country music lovers know about the special bond Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty had. Blake Shelton, an American country singer-songwriter and a coach on the NBC show The Voice, even sang about it in his hit song “Honey Bee” where the words go:

You’ll be my little Loretta, I’ll be your Conway Twitty.

Those who heard this song millions of times probably wonder why Shelton sang about them. It’s simply because when Conway Twitty was alive, he and Loretta had such a strong bond, and when they sang together, it was a truly magical experience.

When Twitty passed away, Loretta was deeply heartbroken. It turned out that Conway was actually on his way to see her husband Doo in the hospital when he collapsed. It was reported that when Loretta was allowed to come in to visit Conway, she begged him not to leave her.

The singer built close relationship not only with Conway but with his children, too. Recently, when she was performing her and Conway’s classics “Louisiana Woman, Mississipi Man” with Conway’s son Michael, Twitty’s daughters Kathy and Joni came up on stage with a gift for Loretta.


The gift was a painting of their father that Ronnie McDowel painted for the family as a special present. They loved painting so much that they decided to give a replica to Loretta. She was lost for words when she saw her gift.

Kathy Conway explained the gift saying:

He loved her with all his heart. They were the best of friends. It was more than a friendship, it was a soul connection. It remains a soul connection. And God put Loretta in the hospital…when daddy collapsed. And after daddy had passed, Joni and I were still in the room with him, and we looked up, and Loretta walked in. And it was one of the most precious moments that I ever witnessed in my life. The love that she had as she said goodbye to daddy. He would have been so touched. But he loved you, and he loves you still. And some day, when Loretta steps into heaven, his arm’s gonna open up and ya know what he’s gonna say… ’Hello Darlin’.

It’s hard not to shed a tear hearing Kathy say such sweet words about Loretta and her father. We have no doubts that Lynn feels the same way about Conway!

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