Cardi B Is All About Giving This Christmas As She Buys Presents For Kids And Those In Need


Cardi B Is All About Giving This Christmas As She Buys Presents For Kids And Those In Need

Cardi B is basically Santa in a bright wig as she spends money on some seriously amazing causes, putting smiles on the faces of children.

Cardi B’s money situation

As a successful rapper, it’s kind of a given that money isn’t a problem for this woman. In fact, according to CelebrityNetWorth, Cardi B’s net worth comes to about $24 million. That’s some major bank!

With sold-out tours, album sales and other income sources, we can certainly see why Cardi is balling. But even as she has a good time with her dough, she doesn’t forget the less-privileged. In the spirit of the holidays, she was reported to have gone above and beyond to spread joy.

Cardi B’s Christmas gesture

The rapper recently became a giving Santa for some children after she reportedly spent thousands of dollars to get them awesome stuff. According to TMZ, the popular mother of one was spotted in Miami doling out money on gifts for children at a Target store.

It was reported that she spent up to $5,000 on every child’s dream including toys, balls, dolls, games and so much more. All the stuff she purchased was loaded into a truck and it was believed they would be sent to children in need.

This isn’t the first time Cardi melted hearts through her generosity.

In 2018, she donated up to $8,000 to the struggling family of 15-year-old Lesandro (Junior) Guzman-Feliz who lost his life in the Bronx. Upon hearing the story of the young man’s death, the rapper joined the hundreds of people who donated to a GoFundMe account set up in his honor.

Cardi made the donation under her given name Belcalis Almanzar. The page has now received over $340,000 in funds.

Fast facts about Cardi B

If you were surprised by Cardi’s act of kindness, then you may want to learn a few more interesting things about her.

  • She had a humble beginning: When she was a teenager, she worked at the cash register at a local market in TriBeCa.
  • She was an exotic dancer... and it saved her life. She was able to earn enough money to leave her abusive boyfriend at the time.
  • Plastic surgery as a teenager: She once revealed that she had cosmetic procedures done when she was only 19.
  • Her love for Beyonce and Madonna: In her song Invasion of Privacy, she hailed Beyonce four times and she once shared her excitement about meeting her "real life idol" Madonna.
  • She’s a fan of sparkling jewels: This rapper has shared videos and snapshots of herself rocking the brightest blings.

And check her out here again:

Praises for her altruistic act

Cardi B received approval from her fans thanks to her effort to make Christmas that much brighter for people in need.

Fans appreciated her devotion to the cause and expressed how much they loved her.

Every day is a good day to give. But the Christmas season sets itself apart because it’s a reminder that as you enjoy the best meals, presents, and family moments, there are others who aren’t as lucky. It doesn’t take much to brighten the lives of the less privileged. And if you’re a true fan of Cardi’s, you should consider taking a cue from her and be somebody’s Santa this Christmas. Kudus to the rapper for being such a positive influence.

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