Blast From The Past! Donald And Melania Trump After They Had Just Got Married


Blast From The Past! Donald And Melania Trump After They Had Just Got Married



Recently, Donald and Melania Trump have celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. However, unlike lots things in their life, they have decided to make it low-key. All the most neither Melania nor Donald took the occasion to social media to congratulate one another publically.


It’s not typical of presidential couples, especially after the Obamas who like to make their personal anniversaries public.


2005 is the year Donald and Melania got married. Back then they seemed like a great couple, and neither of them could think they will reside in the White House in 13 years.

Nevertheless, they looked happy. And the video of the CNN’s Larry King Live proves this. Just look at Melania’s frank and broad smile, and you’ll understand she was truly in love.

CNN / YouTube

The video is like a real blast from the past. Donald speaks about the image the media wants him to correspond to. They both dwell upon the moment they met. Back then Donald didn’t hesitate to remind Melania she was the most beautiful woman ever.

CNN / YouTube

Now, it seems the times have changed and Melania looks more like a prisoner of the White House rather than a beloved wife. Is it truly so?


The French First Lady, Brigitte Macron, is of the opinion Melania is trapped in there as she isn’t allowed to do anything:

She can’t even open a window at the White House. She can’t go outside.

That’s terrible to hear, but only Donald and Melania know the real truth hiding behind the scenes.

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