Awesome Grandparents' Photos Are Being Shared By Young People On Reddit


Awesome Grandparents' Photos Are Being Shared By Young People On Reddit

Although it is quite difficult to imagine our grandparents being young, they had as much fun as you can guess. The old photos reveal a generation that was somehow more mature and seemingly had a better understanding of life. However, beneath their tough exterior are the same ideas of love, friendship, and happiness that young people share today.

Reddit’s photo campaign that celebrates grandparents

The idea of wanting to have a peek into the lives of previous generations isn’t new by a long shot. Fortunately for us, our grandparents are young enough to have photos that show some of the greatest moments in their lives. In honor of our grandparents, Reddit has launched a trend of publishing old photos and showing your grandparents to the world.

It may seem strange but our grandparents fell in love, enjoyed the feeling and got heartbroken. Just like we do today. Only, it also seems they were a bit classier, kind of like watching a good 1950s movie.

Grandparent’s wedding 1956. He may be going through dementia now, but his love for my grandma is still so amazing! from OldSchoolCool

My Grandparents getting married shortly after immigrating to America in 1962 from OldSchoolCool

My great-grandparents, having a blast in 1915. from OldSchoolCool

My grandparents right after their wedding 65 years ago. from OldSchoolCool

My grandparents rocking their outfits (1950’s) from OldSchoolCool

And our favorite couple:

My grandma turned 91 yesterday. Here she is with my grandpa in 1947. from OldSchoolCool

Even back then, it was all about being cool. And nothing is cooler than having your own car, bike or even a boat.

My Great Grandma and her ’68 Mustang lookin’ righteous from OldSchoolCool

My grandfather with his Studebaker around 1960 from OldSchoolCool

My grandfather on a 1935 BSA model 22, Zeeland, after the war. from OldSchoolCool

My grandfather fishing in 1963 in northern Minnesota. from OldSchoolCool

My grandmother as a teenager, posing on a motorcycle- 1960’s from OldSchoolCool

My favorite picture of my grandparents, on my Gandpa’s Harley in the 70s… I can only aspire to be half as cool. from OldSchoolCool

Of course, we must not forget that our grandparents were pioneers in many ways. Their dedication and bravery laid the foundation for the world we know today.

My great grandmother was a Chemistry major back in 1920 in India. Women empowerment done right back in the day when they weren’t allowed to study. She went on to become a Professor in Chemistry. from OldSchoolCool

My 16 year old great grandfather sitting in Tokyo Bay, Japan towards the end of WWII. This man lied on his birth certificate to get into the Navy at the age of 15. He’s a different breed. from OldSchoolCool

Our grandparents are not accidentally named the greatest generation. They didn’t live the easiest lives but they made the most of their lives. The world was a more dangerous place, but somehow nicer and simpler at the same time.

If your grandparents are alive and well, go pay them a visit. Listen to their stories, look at their photos, you will surely be pleasantly surprised.

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