American Preacher Michael Curry Became The Breakout Star Of The Royal Wedding


American Preacher Michael Curry Became The Breakout Star Of The Royal Wedding



If you think that the bride stole the show at the royal wedding on Saturday, think again!


An American bishop surprised and even shocked everyone with his passionate speech at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

The Most Reverend Michael Curry has been praised for his fiery wedding address that touched many hearts with his allusions to slavery and the Old Testament, and even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s quote.


A lot of people were happy to see the British royals being shaken up by a powerful and quite untraditional speech. With the respectful silence, the preacher also provoked a few giggles.


Prince William looked like he was trying to hold a laugh when he heard Rev. Curry talking about how ‘fire made it possible to text and tweet’.

Meghan looked very happy and smiled when Curry mentioned the power of love and how ‘two young people fell in love, and we showed up’.


A lot of people on social media praised Rev. Curry for his unusual but very compelling speech:

His words touched many subjects: joy and sadness, the celebration of love and remembrance of injustice. It was very moving and quite unique for the royal wedding.

As Michael Curry said, don’t underestimate the power of love!

What feelings the wedding address by Michael Curry made you experience?

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