#Alopeciaisfashion: Two Stunning Female Models Go Viral For Making Female Pattern Baldness A Cool New Trend


#Alopeciaisfashion: Two Stunning Female Models Go Viral For Making Female Pattern Baldness A Cool New Trend



Two models, Eve and Nichola, are making female baldness cool despite the stigma that they have faced so far.


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What is #Alopeciaisfashion?

They are part of a campaign #Alopeciaisfashion that gives female models who are bald a voice and shows that beauty comes in different forms.

#Alopeciaisfashion originator, Claire, says after she experienced myriad types of hair loss, she felt isolated and ashamed because she no longer conformed to the ideal look of a model.

They’re brave and inspiring

And now, she says the aim of their campaign is to challenge perceptions. Nichola, who lost her hair at 11 claims she did not deal with her insecurities until she began to own her baldness. And yet, both bald models say their lack of hair has affected their romantic life in the past even if it has not stopped them from owning it.


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It’s no surprise that women invest in tons of hair products to keep their hairlines and self-esteem intact. Baldness in women is still a taboo subject despite the fact that it is widespread.


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The NHS says that in the UK alone, 8 million women experience female pattern baldness medically known as alopecia. And it is caused by a range of issues like vitamin deficiency, illness, and overworking our strands. Well done to Eve and Nichola for empowering women. In addition to rocking bald hair, it’s possible to get stylish with hair art, scarves, bandanas, and beach hats. Go for it!

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