61-Year-Old Model, Christie Brinkley, Talks About Her Ageless Beauty


61-Year-Old Model, Christie Brinkley, Talks About Her Ageless Beauty



Aging can be a challenge in many ways, particularly when it comes to losing our figure and looks. We often become the shadow of our former self. So many begin to seek options to keep them looking forever young!

Well, there seem to be ways one can look young for longer, as seen in the life of Christie Brinkley.


Christie Brinkley’s Story

Christie gained fame internationally back in the 70s. She also had the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers on three consecutive times. Now, 61-year-old, she is one woman who has refused to grow old bodily.


It’s difficult to believe that Christie has been in the public glare since 1973, when she was found at a mail station. What makes it so amazing is the fact that the on-screen character and model looks about the same as she did some forty years back!

What does this mother of three do to remain so energetic? The Timeless Beauty writer shares her ever young tips and tricks.

Christie Brinkley And Her Anti-Aging Secrets

1. Put Down The Powder

Bath powder settles into scarce differences. Transparent, velvety equations, nonetheless, "characterize your highlights and cover any imperfections," Brinkley lets us know.

She utilizes 3 Lab BB cream with SPF 40 ($100, and By Terry redden in Bubble Glow ($44,


2. Pump Up The Volume

"My hair has become more slender," the mother of three admits.

Brinkley wears cut in developments from her eponymous line ($49, Dissimilar to woven-in weaves, these:

… won’t tangle or draw in your rest, which can prompt much more male pattern baldness. A reward: ‘Blast! You have Beyonce hair’.

3. Eat An Apple Daily

At the point when delighted in 20 minutes before a supper, she says, the fiber-filled organic product leaves you "feeling satisfied sooner."


4. Nibble Keenly

Brinkley, a vegetarian, keeps away from collagen breakdown caused by a high-sugar. She consumes fewer calories and swelling from sodium over-burden by going only after sound chomps.

She takes solidified blueberries pulverized in a blender that "have an aftertaste like you’re enjoying frozen yogurt," she says.

5. Peel, Shed

Every day, Brinkley uses the lactic corrosive filled chemical from her magnificence line ($35, to degunk pores and improve her face.


Hydration is a key need as well. At the point when her girls are home, "we as a whole lounge around with veils on!"



You can watch the video below to learn more about Christie and her ever young secrets.


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