1980s 'Anne Of Green Gables': The Cast, What They Looked Like Then, And What They Are Up To Now


1980s 'Anne Of Green Gables': The Cast, What They Looked Like Then, And What They Are Up To Now



Initially released in December 1985, the multiple award-winning television series, Anne of Green Gables, is an all-time classic.

Anne of Green Gables

It is a Canadian television series drama based on the Novel with the same title written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The film is about a headstrong orphaned girl named Anne Shirley who was mistakenly sent to live with an elderly sibling Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert on their farmhouse on Prince Edward Island.

Knowing that the elderly siblings had requested a boy and not a girl, Anne must use all her charm as well as wits to find a way to convince them to let her stay.

The cast of "Anne of Green Gables" past and present.

30 years after Anne of Green Gables debuted, the cast of the mini television series has changed. While some continue to pursue their acting career, others have chosen another career path and sadly, some have left us.

1. Megan Follow

Then: When Megan auditioned and landed the role of Anne Shirley, she was only 16 years old. She beat 3,000 other girls to land the role.

Now: 30 years after landing the role that launched her acting career, Megan has starred in various TV shows such as Law and Order, The X-Files, and most recently CW’s Reign to mention a few. She is now the proud mother of grown-up children.

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2. Colleen Dewhurst

Then: Like her fictional character Marilla Cuthbert, Colleen Dewhurst grew up in Prince Edwards Island and earned two nominations for her role as Anne’s guardian.

Now: Colleen has 4 Emmy Awards and a two Tony Awards to her credit. Sadly though, she died at 67 in 1991.

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3. Richard Farnsworth

Then: Richard played the role of Marilla’s soft-spoken brother. Prior to his acting career, he had a 30-year long career as a stuntman. He starred in films like Misery and The Straight Story and got an Academy Award nomination for the later.

Now: At age 79, he was the oldest actor to receive the best actor Oscar nomination. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and tragically died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds in 2000.

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4. Jonathan Crombie

Then: He was only seventeen when he landed the role to play as Gilbert Blyth, Anne’s love interest.

Now: Jonathan passed away on the 15th of April 2015, after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

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5. Schuyler Grant

Then: Schuyler Grant played the role of Anne’s friend and schoolmate, Diana Barry. In the late 90’s, she became a regular face on All My Children and in 2009 she joined her husband as co-founder of the Wanderlust Yoga Festival.

Now: She currently lives in New York City and she’s the director Kula Yoga Project.

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6. Miranda de Pencier

Then: Miranda played Josie Pye, Anne’s nemesis. Ever since she was featured on the TV show, Miranda has been busy singing as well as acting. In 1995, she focused her attention away from acting and produced the play Frida K.

Now: In 1998, she worked in development at True Pictures in New York and was involved in the production of the film A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Miranda continues to produce film projects.

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7. Patricia Hamilton

Then: The Canadian actress is known as Rachel Lynde in Anne of Green Gables. She acted in several Anne of Green Gables‘ sequels and also provided the voice of the character for PBS animated series Anne of Green Gables.


Now: She has been nominated for a Gemini Award three times for best actress in a supporting role and later won it in 1996

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Ten things you can learn from Anne of Green Gables.

  1. Girls are just as good as boys.
  2. Own your age.
  3. You can be bright and ambitious and still go nuts for a nice frock.
  4. Fun is a serious business.
  5. Friendship is Critical.
  6. It’s never too late to open up to love.
  7. Too much romance can be dangerous.
  8. Imagination can change the world.
  9. It’s ok to be odd.
  10. Some compromises are a compromise too far.

Old or young, there is always something you can learn from the Anne of Green Gables film. And if you’ve not watched it, you might want to check it out.

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