'The View' Fans Go Crazy As Elizabeth Warren Appears To Snub Meghan McCain On The Show


'The View' Fans Go Crazy As Elizabeth Warren Appears To Snub Meghan McCain On The Show



Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren brought up the heat recently when she an appearance on The View. She touched on several important political issues but what many people can’t seem to get past was her seemingly determined effort at making sure host Meghan McCain didn’t derail her opinions.

An interesting moment

Elizabeth Warren’s presence on The View was quite illuminating. One video clip, however, showed her passionately describing her wealth tax ideas and the possibility of making universal free childcare possible.

A couple of times during the US Senator’s speech, Meghan tried to interrupt and perhaps ask a couple of questions but Elizabeth forged on until she could finish her thought.

This moment did not go unnoticed by the viewers who expresses the belief that Elizbeth basically acted like Meghan did not exist.

In the past, Meghan McCain has come under fire a few times for interrupting her co-hosts on the show and this reputation has made her unpopular among some people. As a result, they approved of Elizabeth’s ability to somehow ignore Meghan when the latter tried to interrupt her.

From memes to funny quips, internet users applauded Elizabeth’s doggedness in finishing what she had to say and approved of how she handled what they felt to be Meghan McCain’s impoliteness.

Meghan fights back

Clearly, the TV host wasn’t about to ignore all the backlash without fighting back somehow. In a Tweet, she slammed the opinions of those who felt she was snubbed by Elizabeth Warren and insisted that she and the politician actually had a mature and "respectful conversation."

She concluded by stating that she wasn’t ignored by Elizabeth in any way.

It appears that whether there’s some tension between Elizabeth and Meghan is a matter of opinion. If you’ll like to weigh in on your own, you can check out this video before making a verdict.

Is Meghan McCain the odd woman out?

The TV personality has faced criticism from fans and even her The View co-hosts over her tendency to sometimes interrupt others when they are speaking. Even when things get heated on the show, the hosts have always insisted that this doesn’t mean they don’t get along in real life.

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This, however, wasn’t an impression shared by Page Six after an insider claimed that the hosts of the show "aren’t speaking to each other," and they especially have an issue with Meghan.

None of the ladies talk to Meghan now…Meghan’s so rude.

What the hosts have said about the heated moments on the show.

  • Co-host Whoopi Goldberg once explained the frequent arguments saying, "we’re really passionate. This is our jobs."
  • Meghan has also said, "We fight like we’re family," as she states that they actually love each other behind the scenes.
  • Another host, Joy Behar, insisted that everyone on the show "get along fine."
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To the audience, it sure appears that things go off the rails from time to time on The View. But at different moments, the ladies have insisted that all is actually well. Are the viewers overreacting or are the hosts faking their love? We probably won’t know.

We have to agree that these heated moments sure make things a lot interesting. And it does reflect how each person is passionate about their views which, incidentally, is something we can all relate to. Hopefully, though, the ladies do get along well in real life.

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