Woman Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears When She Met A Girl With Her Son’s Heart In Her Chest


Woman Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears When She Met A Girl With Her Son’s Heart In Her Chest



Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a mother. Unfortunately, this is what Heather Clark had to go through.

She left her little boy with a babysitter whose boyfriend attacked the baby. Doctors couldn’t save the child’s life.

Heather found the strength and decided to donate the organs of 7-month-old Lukas to terminally ill children. This way, she saved the lives of 3 kids, including a girl named Jordan, who was in an urgent need of a heart transplant.

Later, Jordan’s mother, Esther Gonzalez, reached out to Heather via Facebook, but the grieving mother did not see the message. Only 2 years later, Clark found it and immediately contacted Jordan’s mom. The women agreed to meet in the same hospital where their children used to be.

According to Heather, meeting with Jordan was like meeting a family member. They ran towards each other and hugged.

That’s your baby

– whispered Esther, when Clark listened to her deceased son’s heart beating in the girl’s chest through the stethoscope.

The two women became close friends. Esther says there are no words to describe how grateful she is to Heather for saving her daughter’s life. When saying goodbyes, Jordan gave Clark a teddy bear with a recording of Lucas’ heartbeat.

At the moment of grief, this woman found it in herself to think of other families. Little Jordan and her mother will never forget Heather’s act of kindness!

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