Twists And Turns Of Women's Health: Should I Tell My Son About Periods?


Twists And Turns Of Women's Health: Should I Tell My Son About Periods?



It is father’s direct responsibility to tell his son not only about his own sexual peculiarities but also what the opposite gender may experience; explaining that it is a completely normal and natural process.


Great responsibility

Puberty is a pain in the neck for all the parents. Hyperactive and annoyingly inquiring kids will not let you live calmly. However, remember – what did you experience during this period. One of the most intriguing questions of this time is of course personal sexuality. And even though, a father is capable of explaining about the male’s physiological part, he should also be able to talk about females.

Why? Children always take after their parents. While for girls mothers will always be considered as role-models, boys set their fathers’ as a perfect example of a real man that they would strive to become.

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Explanation of the mood and pain.

The conversation about intimacy may require great preparation as it may start spontaneously. For example, while watching a TV commercial, you may encounter female pads advertising. That is where you should start the ball rolling.

Women are more fragile than men, that is why they may require additional care for their body. Also, during this period women may experience constant mood changing and you, as a father, must explain to your son that it is important to support and keep cheering them up.

Remember to stress out that it is a completely natural process; that it is how women are different from men. Apart from that, you should underline that a woman may experience some discomfort during these days. It may be a bit painful to live through this period but with the right man’s support, this time will pass unnoticeably.

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Perhaps such an explanation will be enough for your rising teenager.

Act of respect

Another important fact to reveal to your son is that there is nothing shameful in this process.

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Again, if your son would seem shameful about this, just show him that this concerns his mother as well. Women are tender creatures, that is why the men’s main responsibility is to look after and take care of them.

Even though the conversation may seem a little embarrassing, it is definitely worth it. You are raising a strong and intelligent person that needs to know all peculiarities of the life even the most intimate.


The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.

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