Social Media Users Made Police Arrest The 18-Year-Old Mother After The "Funny" Photo Of Her Son Hit The Internet


Social Media Users Made Police Arrest The 18-Year-Old Mother After The "Funny" Photo Of Her Son Hit The Internet



A picture of a 14-month-old baby posted on Facebook shows a baby hanging on his rolled-up shirt, hooked to the door frame. In the image, you can see the baby crying with obvious discomfort.

The little one looked very scared and seemed not to enjoy his “entertainment.” Social media users got furious. Hundreds of shares and negative comments made the photo infamously viral. Law enforcement officers from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office claimed:

We were assigned a criminal investigation through the child abuse allegations. Once the investigation was carried out, we discovered that the little one was hanging on a hook for plants. However, the child looked not to be injured.

According to the information provided by the investigators, the photograph had been taken by the mother and published on the Facebook by the baby’s father. The law enforcement officers came to get acquainted with the kid’s parents and immediately issued 18-year-old Alexis Breeden child abuse allegation. The girl was later arrested but soon released on $2,500 bail.

Police said the photo caught their attention after several people tagged the sheriff’s office official Facebook page to let them know of the controversial incident. On the reasons causing the photo to be published, the authorities explained:

The parents of the baby had an argument about the photo, and while the young mom found it funny, the father published the photo on Facebook to cause problems for his wife.

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However, the police clarified the child’s father was not involved in the abuse itself. On the other hand, the users of the social network strongly attacked only the mother. They were not satisfied with the girl’s behavior, so they reported about it to the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation about the case.

As a result of the accusations and subsequent investigation, the young mother was faced with a criminal charge of child abuse. Over the time, the court documents were revealed stating that in order to soften her sentence, the girl pleaded guilty to allegations of abuse and assault against a family member.

Finally, the court decided to be compassionate to the young mother and not subject her to spending time in prison. On the contrary, the judge ordered her to attend the anger management course and undergo a mental evaluation.

Everything seems to indicate the young woman learned the lesson, as some time later, the relationship with her son’s father came to an end. Later, Alexis fell in love again and became a mother for the second time. Now, she knew how to take care of her little baby due to the pitiful experience. Hopefully, no similar rage incidents will happen with Alexis in the future.

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