North Carolina Mom Is Furious After Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was Brutally Assaulted In A Popular Online Game


North Carolina Mom Is Furious After Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was Brutally Assaulted In A Popular Online Game



Mom is furious after her little daughter’s character in an online game was brutally violated

One summer morning, Amber Petersen, a mom from Raleigh, North Carolina, was reading a book to her 7-year-old daughter Brooklyn while the girl was playing a popular online game on her tablet. Suddenly, the girl gave her mom a puzzled look and gave her the device.

Amber was at a loss when she saw what was happening on the screen. Two male characters in the game sexually assaulted Brooklyn’s character and ran away.

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Luckily, Brooklyn didn’t get the chance to see the whole act, as her mom took away the tablet just in time. Amber was horrified and disgusted, and she immediately reported the incident to Roblox, the company behind the game.

The mom also took to Facebook to warn other parents about the possibility of such violent acts happening in online games.

Amber’s post resonated with others:

Roblox took the incident seriously. They identified the person who hacked other players’ accounts and performed the disgusting act and banned the bad actor permanently. They also tightened security settings to lower the chance of similar incidents happening again.

Amber is satisfied with the company’s responsible actions. She wrote another post about her experience and urged other parents to supervise their young children’s online activities, as no device or platform is 100% hack-proof.

How to protect your child in online games

Every trusted gaming platform has certain rules and blocks offenders immediately. However, it happens after the fact. So, is there a way to prevent your child from being abused or bullied in online games?

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Here are a few tips on how to lower the risk of it happening:

  1. Every device your child uses should have parental control programs or settings.
  2. Make sure your child plays only age-appropriate games.
  3. Before letting your child play a new game, familiarize yourself with the game to make sure it’s safe.
  4. Check privacy settings in the games your child plays.
  5. Check how to report abuse in these games, and ask your child to tell you whenever other players say or do something that makes him (or her) uncomfortable.
  6. Supervise your child’s screen time. You don’t have to sit next to him (or her) staring at the screen, but it’s best if your young child plays games and does other online activities in your presence.

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Children may not like some of these measures, but you should explain that it’s for their own safety!

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