Nikolas Cruz's Younger Brother Zachary Regrets Bullying The School Shooter


Nikolas Cruz's Younger Brother Zachary Regrets Bullying The School Shooter

Some students who were familiar with Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooter, have found the courage to speak about him. Ethan Trieu said that Nikolas was always a nice person. But something changed, following the death of his father in 2005.

Nikolas became unhinged and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Trieu also added that Nikolas did not get the help he needed. Instead, he was bullied at school.

In addition, Trieu saw Nikolas on the school premises, just minutes before the shooting.

I remember noticing him walking past us and I remember him blending in wearing a t-shirt that’s from the school. He blended in very well and apparently some people greeted him and he greeted back.

His younger brother also bullied him

Zachary Cruz is the younger brother of Nikolas Cruz. He confessed to bullying Nikolas when they were younger. Now, he says he feels guilty about that as it may have contributed to Nikolas’ breakdown.

Zachary made this revelation while speaking to detectives investigating the school shooting. Sibling rivalry seemed to be the motivation for Zachary bullying his brother.

Zachary has his own problems

On February 16, Zachary was involuntarily commuted to a mental health facility. His commitment is covered by the “Baker Act”. It allows authorities hold adults for up to 72 hours.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office did not release details of Zachary’s commitment. It is likely that there may be some connection to the ongoing investigation into the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Bullying continues to be a major concern in America, especially in middle schools. About 25% of students get bullied every week. It is important that intervention is provided to both the bullied and the bully. Both will benefit from such support.

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