Mother 'Blessing' Daughter By Serving As Surrogate For Her Twins Babies


Mother 'Blessing' Daughter By Serving As Surrogate For Her Twins Babies



A decision of who should be a surrogate for your future children is a tough one, especially if you are leaning towards asking a friend or a family member.


It is a complicated process that can affect your relationship if you’re not prepared enough. There are a lot of legal, emotional, and financial challenges involved with surrogacy. But sometimes, it can be the best decision ever.

To 26-year-old Michaela Johnson, her mother, Sheila Gump, is more than just a parent – she is her best friend. But their precious bond has become even stronger.

Gump agreed to deliver her daughter’s twins, her grandchildren, as a surrogate this summer. According to Johnson, it’s a gift that no one else could give her. She said:

She’s my best friend, who else would do it? She knows that I always wanted more kids. We wanted a family and my son, Aden, wants to be a big brother so bad, so she just knew. She would do anything for me. It was a blessing.

In 2015, Johnson found out she has a rare form of cervical cancer that with time made her infertile. The treatment included chemotherapy and a hysterectomy, which meant that if she wanted more children, she and her husband would have to freeze their embryos and create a new life with the help of in vitro fertilization.

We wanted a second child and were trying when we found out that I had cancer. And before we even knew what the treatment plan was, my mom said ‘‘worst case scenario, if you lose your fertility, I will do it for you if the doctors say I can.’

The 43-year-old Gump assured she was more than happy to give her daughter this wonderful gift.

Now, when the due date is coming closer, Johnson is focused on her new own nonprofit company, which helps women with rare forms of cervical cancer.

As for Gump, she is looking forward to more grandchildren to spoil.

This is not the first case when mother agrees to be a surrogate for her daughter. Megan Barker from California gave birth to her grandson as a surrogate for her own daughter, too. She said it was the best experience in the life.

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