Miracle! Healthy Daughter Was Born To A Woman With Down Syndrome And Her Mentally Disabled Husband


Miracle! Healthy Daughter Was Born To A Woman With Down Syndrome And Her Mentally Disabled Husband


Women with Down syndrome are perfectly capable of giving birth to healthy children. However, there is a 35-50% chance their babies will inherit the genetic condition. Despite that, many still choose to have fulfilling lives, and the following story proves it’s possible.

Enjoying life and love

A very unusual couple from Brazil is a true inspiration to disabled people everywhere. Gabriela Andrade and Fabio Marchetti de Moraes fell in love, despite the odds stacked against them – she was born with Down syndrome, and he is mentally retarded after suffering a stroke at birth.

The couple first met at the school of the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children. They liked each other immediately, but Gabriela was involved with another guy. Still, Fabio never lost hope, and after a little while, she became his girlfriend.

Gabriela and Fabio were so in love, they knew they wanted to be together forever. Their friends and relatives were happy about the couple, but doubted they could ever be a family, since people believed Gabriela had almost no chance of getting pregnant.

One day, Gabriela’s mother, Laurinda, noticed her gain weight, but thought her daughter was just eating more. Suddenly, Fabio revealed he’d felt a kick in Gabriela’s stomach.

Turned out, Gabriela was 6 months pregnant. While their family was in shock, the couple was happy and at peace.

Little Valentina was born a month earlier than expected, but to everyone’s surprise, she was completely healthy and didn’t inherit any of her parents’ conditions.

Gabriela and Fabio were over the moon about having a baby daughter, but they had another thing coming. The court refused to register Fabio as Valentina’s father due to his disability. However, after several months of legal and media battles, justice prevailed, and Fabio was officially a dad.

Laurinda told Vanilla Buzz that Gabriela and Fabio found meaning in life when Valentina was born, and they’re incredibly happy:

Their way of seeing life is simpler than ours. I’ve never seen a couple enjoy so much paternity. My daughter took the process very calmly and very happy.

Little Valentina is now over 10 years old. She’s growing up happy and surrounded with love.

Another case of Down syndrome woman welcoming a child

Lisa was 29 when she gave birth to her son Nic. He was born with Down syndrome, just like his mother. Lisa’s mom, Patti, helped her raise the boy, who is perfectly happy.

These stories prove that Down syndrome can have families and have the right to be happy.

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