Loving Daughter Moved Her Wedding To The Hospital To Share A Special Dance With Her Ailing Father


Loving Daughter Moved Her Wedding To The Hospital To Share A Special Dance With Her Ailing Father



One of the most heartbreaking thing for any bride and groom is to not have one of their loved ones at their wedding. A bride in Ohio faced that terrible scenario but decided to take the matters into her own hands.

When her father couldn’t be at the wedding…

The first thing you need to know about Janae and her father Steve is that they’re incredibly close. When his daughter got engaged, Steve got so excited he renovated their family barn to make it Janae’s dream venue.

They were also incredibly excited for the father-daughter dance. Steve and Janae have their special song, It Won’t Be Like This for Long, by Darius Rucker, and they couldn’t wait to share that moment during her special day.

But a month before the wedding, Steve got very ill. Severe case of Acute Pancreatitis left him in the hospital for over 3 weeks, and doctors advised against attending the ceremony.

Janae’s dreams of the perfect wedding were crumbling, and Steve was absolutely crushed.

She couldn’t imagine this day without her dad and decided to take the wedding to him. Janae talked to the nurses and had them take Steve to the hospital chapel under a false premise.

When Steve entered the chapel, he was surprised by a beautiful altar with his family, all dressed for the occasion, waiting to share this special moment with him.

There were so many happy tears and hugs, especially when Janae and Steve shared the dance they’ve always dreamt about.

It was a truly beautiful moment they will never forget.

But the party didn’t end at the hospital. Janae’s friends arranged for Steve to be present at the barn via iPad, so he could see all the festivities.

Janae told Love What Matters that it was the perfect wedding and she was grateful her father didn’t miss a thing:

Though I wish he could’ve walked me down the aisle and dance with me at the wedding, it was a moment I will cherish forever. I love you, Pop! You have sacrificed so much for me and I am blessed to have the best dad in the world. I love you to the moon and back.

Steve is doing great!

Shortly after the wedding, Steve made full recovery and came back home just in time for Janae and her new husband Jesse to open their presents.

We’re so happy to see Steve doing great and wish him all the best!


Some of the comments shared on social media

We wish Janae and Jessie years of happiness, and we know they’ll always do great as long as they have such a loving father like Steve with them.

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