Kim Kardashian Sends KKW Perfume To Her Friends And Haters


Kim Kardashian Sends KKW Perfume To Her Friends And Haters

St. Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. And Kim Kardashian couldn’t have picked a better time to launch her new line of fragrances. Last year, she shared snippets from her sultry shoot for the new KKWFragrance line. However, she is taking a different route this time.

The new collection has three Kimoji Heart fragrances, and Kim chose to work with photographer Vijat Mohindra for this shoot.

It was a pretty girly affair with lots of pink. The 90’s-inspired campaign included oversized heart-shaped props and perfume bottles shaped like hearts.

Kim’s KIMOJI Hearts fragrances are named BFF, Bae, and Ride or Die.

She chose the candy-hearts motif for the new fragrance, and this same theme is the foundation for her new ad campaign.

Hearts for everyone, haters included, and Taylor Swift

In less than 24 hours after the launch on Feb 1, Kim shared this tweet informing fans that the KKWFragrance stock was almost sold out.

And Kim is all about sharing the love this season. So, she decided to give out bottles of the new fragrance to her friends. But it wasn’t just family getting the surprise offerings, Kim decided to send a little love to her haters as well.

…I decided this Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves a Valentine, so I’m going to send them to my lovers, to my haters, to everyone that I think of because it is Valentine’s Day after all.

Taylor Swift also got one. What are the odds? Maybe, the feud is finally over or not? Kim says some of the boxes got mixed up in the mail; thus, some haters got the wrong boxes.

Kris Jenner was one of the first to receive a package

The fragrance came in a plain white box. But the real surprise was inside. Each box had a large hollow chocolate cake and a hammer. Kris Jenner was very excited. To get to the fragrance, the cake had to be broken open. And voila!

Billionaire heiress and businesswoman Paris Hilton made the list of lucky recipients

Chrissy Teigen got one too, and little Luna helped in the unboxing

Who is a hater again?

A lot of people have been commenting on the color-coded stick notes that Kim used to assign the fragrances. Some of her fans and followers find the names pretty amusing.

The Kimoji Hearts fragrances are available at $30 for 30ml. So, if you are a fan, hurry and get yourself a bottle or two. If you’re up to it, make your own list and let the love go round.

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