If You Are A Trifle Over 40 – Makeup Artists Give 9 Practical Makeup Rules


If You Are A Trifle Over 40 – Makeup Artists Give 9 Practical Makeup Rules



Makeup is a powerful weapon that can help you either win the fight against beauty problems or lose it. Beauty products in the hands of a pro can transform a woman beyond recognition. It is particularly important for ladies after 40 to be able to use makeup properly. After all, at this age, in addition to emphasizing your strengths as before, you also need to rejuvenate the face.

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With the help of good makeup and skill, you can turn into a young beauty. To save you the trouble of searching for beauty lifehacks all over the net, we present you these 7 rules! And here is how to take care of your makeup accessories.

1. Makeup is last of all

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Do not start your day by doing makeup, sitting in front of a mirror in your pajamas. Makeup artists say that it is only a frame of a painting. You need to choose it last when you have already decided on the hairstyle and clothes. Then it will complete your overall image.

2. Correct texture

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No shiny shadows and pearl lipstick! The former will underline ‘crow’s feet’, the latter will show wrinkles at the corners of the lips. If you want to look festive, you can add a touch of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. It will freshen up the look. Also, it will mask the signs of fatigue on your face. Just don’t forget to hide dark circles with concealer.

3. Eye primer

With age, the skin folds begin to lower slightly, resulting in less expressive look. To make your glance deeper, you need to find the right shadows color: brown, gray, nude. Try to avoid black and bright colors!

To prevent the cosmetics from accumulating in eyelid creases, apply a primer beforehand.

4. Highlighting cheekbones

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To rejuvenate the face you need to highlight cheekbones with peach, beige or soft pink rouges. Put just a little of the highlight cream or powder on the most prominent part of the cheekbones.

5. Radiant skin

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Gorgeous makeup is impossible without the beautiful and evenly colored skin of the face. When choosing foundation, pay attention to its density. It should be light, so it’s best to choose a lightest fluid or mix foundation with a non-fat day cream. This will give radiance to your skin.

6. Lips

With age, the contour of the lips becomes less distinct, so you should draw it with a pencil, slightly shading it afterward. To avoid looking unnatural don’t go beyond the lines of the lips.

Also, makeup artists recommend matte lipsticks. They create a more emphatic image.

7. Eyebrows

Don’t save time on your eyebrows – they complete your face. Sometimes they grow poorer with age. So, we need to help them – provide systematic care (moisturize, nourish with vitamins) or contact a specialist for quality permanent makeup. The expert will be able to choose the right shade in order to avoid an embarrassing situation when the eyebrows eclipse the entire face radically contrasting with the shade of the skin and the color of the hair.

8. Putting on mascara

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Use mascara to make your look richer. It can be lengthening or volumizing, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Or maybe even two in one. It is important to make sure that you are not allergic to mascara.

Apply it starting from the roots of the eyelashes, carefully going through each of them. Don’t put on too much product on the lower lashes it will look ugly if mascara drops.

9. Powder is not for entire face

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Don’t powder the entire face. Give just a slight touch to the T-zone. Avoid the area of the cheeks and eyes, where the powder can clog in the wrinkles and emphasize them even more.

A woman is beautiful at any age. Just need to know how to present yourself! And these recommendations will help you look even better. Don’t forget to share these secrets with your friends!

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Some of the products and items discussed in this article may cause an allergic reaction and damage your health. Before use, consult a certified technician/specialist. The editorial board is not responsible for any harm or other consequences that may be caused by the use of the methods, products or items described in this article.

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