Five Most Common Women Mistakes That "Spoil" Your Partner


Five Most Common Women Mistakes That "Spoil" Your Partner



Each loving couple is unique. In order to solve various relationship problems, every union needs an individual approach. However, there are situations typical for the majority of the families. The most common example is a lazy and unemotional man.

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In this case, do not rush to blame your partner for his apathetic behavior. If the couple has problems, both ones are responsible for their appearance.

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Today, we will tell you about the five most common female mistakes, making a man spoiled and motivating him to avoid any job.

1. “I’ll do everything myself, let he be ashamed”

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One of the most common misconceptions. A man won’t do what a woman can handle. So, the desire to prove you are self-sufficient, won’t appeal to everyone and will just make him avoid working.

2. A man does not distinguish help and control

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Men perceive the women ‘s intention to tell them what to do as a desire to control them. As a result, your beloved one starts associating you with a strict teacher, forgetting about any romantic affairs

3. “It would have been better if he hadn’t done it at all”

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If a man didn’t fulfill the request the way a woman expected and ran into reproaches, he would never do it again. He spent his time, strength, and instead of generous gratitude, he received only unwilling criticism.

4. Comparison with others

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When you compare your men to someone else, not from a positive side, your partner believes you give preference to others. If a simple rivalry motivates and encourages the women, the men lose the desire to do something after such phrases.

5. The upset woman is the worst punishment /

When a man does something wrong, women often get upset. This is how they demonstrate empathy to their beloved ones, but their partners perceive such reaction as punishment. In the future, the man will try to avoid such situations.

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What can you do if your partner lacks initiative?

  • you should always involve a man in situations that require a decision. However, try not to use too much pressure, not to cause a sense of discomfort and fear of failing the expectations;
  • do not expect atypical actions from the partner. If you think he will guess your whims all the times, you are greatly mistaken. Men act and think differently;

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  • change your attitude toward the situation. Have you noticed your partner stopped looking after you as he had done before?  At least, he doesn’t pay attention to the other girls. He doesn’t make any presents without hints? Well, this is the way you control the family budget;
  • if a man hasn’t lived up to any of your expectations, have the courage to tell him directly about it;
  • don’t expect your partner will tell you about his problems. If you notice something is wrong, ask directly until the situation worsens.

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Remember: It is very difficult to live and build a family under the pressure of constant mutual discontent. It is much easier to learn to hear and listen to your partner and show respect. Women are endowed with natural wisdom, so you should use it for good and just be happy.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.

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