Ed Sheeran On Collaboration With Eminem: "Highlight Of My Career"


Ed Sheeran On Collaboration With Eminem: "Highlight Of My Career"

At the end of the year, people tend to look back and try to appraise themselves – to see what kind of year it was. Be it in their career, personal life, relationships or health, people tend to measure up and see if it was what they dreamt about.

For the English songwriter and singer, Ed Sheeran, it is safe to say that the year was memorable with a couple enviable accomplishments.


Ed And Beyonce

In 2017, Ed has had few No. 1 hit songs: he began with Shape of You earlier in the year and is concluding with Perfect song.

But something that makes Perfect all the more fascinating is that he featured Beyonce in this duet. This song stayed on the top of the list for a while.

Ed And Eminem

Within the same year, Ed also had the opportunity to work with Eminem, the bestselling rapper and actor. In an interview with The Times, Ed described his collaboration with Eminem as:

Highlight of my career.

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River with Eminem out friday x

Публикация от Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos)

Ed Sheeran posted a photo in a music studio and wrote: “River with Eminem out friday x”. Their new track, River, will appear in Eminem’s soon-to-be released album, Revival, which is expected on December 15.

Public Reaction

Following the announcement of the coming album and the idea that Eminem worked with Ed on this one, fans and friends haven’t been quiet about their anticipation for the album. You can literally feel the anticipation as Sheeran’s announcement post got a whopping 750k likes in the first few hours.


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