Doctors Thought The Bruises On Her Belly Were From Abuse, It Turned Out To Be A Miracle Of Life


Doctors Thought The Bruises On Her Belly Were From Abuse, It Turned Out To Be A Miracle Of Life



When doctors did Guillermina’s first ultrasound, they knew something incredible was happening. You have to read about this miraculous story.

The proud parents of the first quintuplets to be born in Utah in at least five years, Guillermina and Fernando Garcia of Salt Lake City, despite the belly bruises, are just grateful that their babies arrived safely with all 50 fingers and 50 toes.

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The journey to parenthood

Having a child is an incredibly momentous event filled with both highs and lows. You get to meet someone that you’ll know for the rest of your life after nine incredibly grueling months of pregnancy. I’ve always wondered how parents of twins or even triplets deal with the news that they are going to be expecting multiple children!

That’s the news that 32-year-old Guillermina and Fernando Garcia received. Not only did they have multiple children, but they were going to have five. The chances of having quintuplets naturally are 1 in 55 million. While this was great news for the couple, it was also somewhat bittersweet; carrying that many children at once can increase the chances of complications for both the mother and the children.

At 31 1/2 weeks, Guillermina was ready to give birth!

Doctors noticed that there were several pumping hearts in the ultrasound, a tell-tale sign that you have a litter in there. You may see the bruising on her belly. This is a result of carrying five children. While 31 1/2 weeks is roughly five to six weeks earlier than usual pregnancies, multiple birth pregnancies are characteristically shorter.

Watch the incredible video below.

In a press conference, Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien from the Salt Lake City’s University of Utah Hospital said that Guillermina’s pregnancy was extended as long as possible to boost the health of the babies.

Letting the babies’ lungs develop as much as possible was crucial to prevent having them on ventilation for long periods of time in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU). The 34-year-old carried the three girls and two boys to 31.5 weeks gestation, delivering them via cesarean section.


The story of their conception — how much they owe to pure chance or modern science — is being kept a family secret.


The babies names are Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jordan. Share this article with your friends on Facebook with children. They’ll have some idea what Guillermina went through.

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