Daycare Staff Asked Mother To Dress Her Baby 'More Like A Girl', And Her Hilarious Response Went Viral


Daycare Staff Asked Mother To Dress Her Baby 'More Like A Girl', And Her Hilarious Response Went Viral



Many people think they have a right to tell parents how to raise their children. There are many stories about strangers approaching mothers and telling them to stop breastfeeding in public, or trying to teach them how to handle their children. One mom found a perfect response when asked to cover up while nursing her child, and no one can say she didn’t listen to the complaint.

Luckily, a lot of mothers are equipped with an amazing sense of humor, which is why we love seeing headlines about women dealing with criticisms in a hilarious way. Here’s another viral story, which we want to share with you.

When the mother was asked to dress her daughter more like a girl

Jessica Rold faced the last criticism she would expect from teachers at daycare. Usually, their biggest concern should be whether a parent dropped off their child with everything they need throughout the day, like a change of clothes or their favorite toy. But these childcare workers had a different problem with little Clementine.

Jessica personally witnessed the gender stereotyping applied to her toddler at a daycare, and it was a very rude experience. She was told she should dress her daughter more like a girl. Our question is why would that be a problem for them? Rold wasn’t sure either.

The message was loud and clear and Jessica decided to comply with the request in the best way possible.

She drew a pretty bow on a post-it note and stuck it on Clementine’s forehead. Now, if that doesn’t let everyone around them know that her child is a girl, we don’t know what else she could’ve done.

We hope teachers at daycare won’t have a problem remembering that Clementine is a girl. Plus, that was a truly amazing drawing of a bow.


The photo went viral and although many people found Jessica’s response hilarious, the public mostly focused on how cute Clementine is in her blue outfit.

Some of the shared Facebook reactions

At the end of the day, does it matter what gender a very young child is? Whether a toddler is wearing pink or blue clothes should be the last thing on parents’ minds, because there are already so many things they should give their primary concern. 

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