Complicated Love Story Of Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson


Complicated Love Story Of Prince Andrew And Sarah Ferguson

The love story between Prince Andrew, the second son of the Queen Elizabeth II, and Sarah Ferguson did not last very long, but it had quite a remarkable beginning.

Before they were introduced, Prince Andrew had been in a number of quite public escapades, including a scandalizing relationship with an American-born adult film actress. Vanity Fair mentions that he was referred to by the British press as the "Royal Lout-About-Town." This reputation displeased the royal family.

Fairy tale meeting

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were brought together by Princess Diana. The royal family reportedly welcomed their relationship and saw this as a chance for Prince Andrew to restore his public image.

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Their brief relationship

The couple, who first met when they were children, enjoyed an intense relationship. The marriage, however, did not last. They were separated just six years after they were introduced.

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Following the divorce, Ferguson stayed close to the royal family and raised their daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice, while maintaining an enviable post-divorce relationship with her ex. She still calls him "my handsome prince."

In 2011, Ferguson admitted that her decision to divorce Prince Andrew had not come willingly. She said circumstances made her go ahead with the divorce.

She also revealed that during a conversation with the Queen, she told her that she wished to remain friends with the royal family.


Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

Despite the divorce, their children turned out alright. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice have maintained a neat public profile.

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In 2017, Beatrice ran a campaign to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. A year before that, both sisters and their mother collaborated with artist Teddy M to make a graffiti they called ‘Royal Love’. It was exhibited during Masterpiece London 2016 and later sold at a private Sotheby’s auction. The proceeds went to the Children in Crisis organization.

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