Compilation Of Dads Who Enjoy Dancing With Their Daughters


Compilation Of Dads Who Enjoy Dancing With Their Daughters



Every child needs to feel the love and support of their parents, and there are so many ways to make it happen. Some people just prefer spending more time together doing daily activities, while these dads managed to do something unbelievable for their baby girls! They danced together, and it looks so sweet!

The first video was recorded at the event called “Dads Valentine’s Day Ballet Class”. It was organized by Philadelphia Dance Studio. Fathers were invited to attend one of their daughters’ dance classes and make some dance moves together. Somebody recorded the video and posted it on YouTube. It became viral right away, and people were amazed by such sweet actions of these men.

This dad surprised everybody when he showed up wearing a tutu. Thanh Tran attended a night event at his daughter’s dance school and wanted this day to be special for his girl. But Adriana Cross could never imagine her dad would come so well-prepared, even though she asked him to wear tutu weeks before. What a big surprise for a little girl!


This video was posted by Tina Spadaro Haddad on Facebook. More than 32 million people have already watched it. A man and his daughters created a hilarious dance and performed it using the famous Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies". Relatives and friends were observing this action, and it is possible to hear their voices and laugh. This man is extremely brave as he was not ashamed to look funny and support his girls while dancing.

All these performances are so different, but they have one thing in common – a strong bond between loving dads and their daughters.

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