Chrissy Metz Is Ahead Of Fashion Trends And She Is Wearing Pantone’s Ultra Violet Color For 2018


Chrissy Metz Is Ahead Of Fashion Trends And She Is Wearing Pantone’s Ultra Violet Color For 2018

The easiest thing to gain is weight. All you have to do is eat lots of depressing and junk food and that’s it. But when it comes to shedding those extra pounds, that is where the real challenge lies.

Chrissy Metz the American actress known for her role in the NBC drama ‘This is us’ has had her own share of challenges as far as weight loss is concerned.

Chrissy’s style and what critics are saying.

Born on the 29th of September 1980 in Florida, Chrissy has been interested in fashion for as long as she can remember. At a very young age, she started designing her own clothes. She said:

I was the only chubby girl in my friend group. I remember Wet Seal becoming popular when I was in school but the clothes didn’t fit me the way they fit my friends.

At age 14, Chrissy knew she had to make her own style and as such; she got super creative and made bags out of old jeans. But the moment she moved to Los Angeles, her style changed.

Despite being body shamed by a lot of people whom she said just want to diagnose her, the actress has reached a place where she can finally say that she is comfortable with her style and weight.

Although several others think she looks stunning, the negative comments won’t stop coming. After getting body shamed by a bunch of internet trolls, she tweeted:

Chrissy’s color for 2018 and her 3 stunning looks

Even though Pantone had just recently announced that ultraviolet is the color of 2018, Chrissy Metz along with other stars are way ahead of the trend as they’ve already rocked it.

Chrissy who looked stunning in her long sleeve ultraviolet gown can never go wrong in that gown. It’s a show stopper!

Asides from that, she has got quite a number of stunning appearances littering the internet. So we curated 5 of her great stunning looks for your here.

Her struggle with weight loss

Chrissy who has struggled with her weight from when she was a kid said she’s contractually obligated to shed some pounds for her role has Kate Pearson on ‘This is us’. While there is no actual set weight loss goal, Chrissy has to her own shed some pounds on her own.

She said the contract on her role as Kate will be the motivation she craves to lose weight. And she has made it absolutely clear that whether she loses weight or not, she is going to love herself the same. She told TV Line:

I just have to be very clear. Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health. Not because I think that plus size, curvy, voluptuous, big bodies aren’t attractive- because I think they are awesome and sexy.

What do you think about her position on weight loss? Which of her pictures above strikes you as most beautiful?

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