Brand Clothes, Loans, And 5 Other Signs Of A So-Called "Cheap" Woman


Brand Clothes, Loans, And 5 Other Signs Of A So-Called "Cheap" Woman


The notion of a ‘cheap girl’ sounds low and vulgar. Nevertheless, our society is full of such ladies. They only think about money, appearance, and attributes that they think make them better than the rest of us. At the same time, they lack essential human qualities like kindness and compassion.

To be able to live alongside them, we present to you 7 features that give away such a women.

1. Attitude toward men

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A cheap woman has a warped perception of men. She evaluates them strictly in terms of the size of their wallet, and if someone doesn’t live up to her financial expectations, she brands him a lowlife or a freeloader. A cheap woman will never pay for herself in a café and if you even suggest it, she will make a scene, leaving behind even the most basic of manners.

2. Covered in brands

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A cheap girl can’t imagine her life without famous brands. Seeing a label of a prominent brand makes her truly happy. At the same time, she has no taste, so glossy magazines are her only guidance in the world of fashion.

3. Loans

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A cheap woman is always in debt. But not because she really needs to. She takes loans to buy fur coats, cars, or latest iPhone. With the help of these belongings, she hopes to increase her sense of value and significance.

4. Attitude toward others

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A cheap girl despises wait staff with all her heart. In a restaurant and other public places, she boosts her self-esteem by venting at those who, in her opinion, are inferior to her. At the same time, a cheap girl forgets that it is she who looks ridiculous in such situations.

5. Appearance is everything

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Her appearance the holiest of holies for a cheap woman. She won’t miss an opportunity to appear in public in full dress, even if just going to the beach or mall. She always has evening makeup on, even when she is sick or takes out the trash. Whenever possible, she seeks to expose her legs or chest, or both.

6. Attitude toward her roots

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Needless to say that cheap stuff most often comes from a most ordinary family, not that there is anything wrong with that. But she is terribly embarrassed of her origins. She struggles to create an image of a wealthy family. If she comes from a small town, she often speaks of her folks with contempt.

7. Fidelity? Never heard of it

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A cheap lady doesn’t know how to be faithful. Even if she has got herself a rich man, as soon as she meets a wealthier suitor, she will take her chances. The appetite of a cheap woman grows at an alarming rate. Have you met such women?

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