Bad Odor Or Cancer-Free? Recent Studies Found Connection Between Deodorants And Cancer


Bad Odor Or Cancer-Free? Recent Studies Found Connection Between Deodorants And Cancer

Most people use deodorants daily and consider them to be a completely safe way to prevent the body odor. But have you ever thought whether it is really safe for people’s health? In fact, there are some studies that proved there is a connection between deodorants and cancer.

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Can deodorants cause cancer? Some studies suggest they really can. Dr. Philippa Darbre, the cancer researcher at the University of Reading, claims there is an ingredient that might cause the development of tumors. If to be more specific, she suggests that compounds of aluminum and zirconium in such products can become the reason for cancer.

She says:

The nature of the chemicals in these cosmetics and the lack of any advice about safe quantity or frequency of application, should be of concern.

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The official statistics is rather sad: Cases of breast cancer doubled from 20,000 a year in the 70s to around 40,000 a year nowadays. Doctors claim the creation of breast tumors is connected with the hormone level. Studies prove chemical compounds derived from zirconium and aluminum can negatively influence the hormone level of the person.


Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence of it. And some doctors deny this connection. For example, Dr. Chris Flower, of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, says deodorants are produced in accordance with the safety requirements.

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Moreover, there is no evidence that the small amount of chemicals found in deodorants can pose a threat.

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In any way, deodorants might hurt sensitive skin and cause allergic reactions, especially when the environment is warm and wet. So, be careful when buying the deodorant.

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