6 Simple Tips On How To Clean Leather Furniture


6 Simple Tips On How To Clean Leather Furniture


Leather creates respectable image

Leather furniture looks classy in either residential houses or offices. It emphasizes a great sense of fashion that a room owner has. However, it cannot "shine forever". Eventually, any furniture needs a proper cleaning. Here, we can show how to clean a leather sofa, depending on its color, and also how to extend life of this beautiful and comfortable furniture.

Few tips on how to keep it clean

  1. The simplest way, which helps deal with dirt and food wastes, is an ordinary soap foam. Use a slightly wet sponge with soap, squeeze a little bit, and gently wipe the furniture. Remember not to use too much water. Soap stains can be cleaned with a dry wool cloth.

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  • The most "eco-friendly" cleaning method will help you refresh the look of your leather furniture. Take 1 cup of natural cow milk. Preheat it until it becomes warm. Pour it into a small container. Moisten a clean rag with the milk. Squeeze it well. Wipe the surface of the sofa. Soak up the wet remnants with a dry cloth.
  • Ballpoint pen tracks can be removed using sticky tape. Just attach it to the surface and gently tear it off. After that, you should always clean the tracks with natural soap and clean water.
  • Clean the coating from chewing gum or wax. Take a piece of ice. Place it in a small cellophane bag. Attach it to the place. Carefully remove with the back side of the knife.

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  • Marker traces can be removed perfectly with the help of ethyl alcohol. After that, you can easily clean the stain with just some sponge and water.
  • Are you worried about those scratches on your leather sofa? Use heavy filler and leather binder. Apply the last one to the damaged area with a thin layer. Then, use the sand paper to provide a smooth surface for the next stage. Apply heavy filler using spatula with thin layers, allowing each one to dry out. For more detailed process, you can watch a full video-guide:
  • Taking care of your leather furniture.

    Since leather is quite expensive material, it should be treated with special care. Remember that there are universal care products, and many of those are designed for a certain kind of material. Try to keep normal level of humidity in your room. If necessary, buy special humidifiers. This will not only prolong the life of your furniture but will also have a positive impact on your health.

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