21-Year-Old Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until Giving Birth To Twins On A Toilet


21-Year-Old Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until Giving Birth To Twins On A Toilet



21-year-old Beth Bamford from Staffordshire, Great Britain had been clueless about her pregnancy the whole time. The girl had her periods as usual, and as for the weight gain – she thought she just gained. However, one night, she got up to go to the restroom and … suddenly gave birth.

Beth Bamford and her boyfriend Andy Morris were already raising two children: 3-year-old Elsa and 2-year-old Alivia. During her third unnoticed pregnancy, the young mother once consulted a doctor feeling unwell, but the doctor attributed it to a virus infection.

On that night, when Beth was lying in her bed, her stomach started to hurt. She went to get a glass of water, while her boyfriend was still fast asleep. The pain was getting worse and the girl headed to the WC.

I was still sitting on the toilet when I gave birth. I didn’t really have time to feel anything as it was happening. It’s a big shock but a nice surprise. I didn’t know I was pregnant at all.

After the first baby – Willow, a girl – was born, she called an emergency service to ask what to do next. She was advised to keep pushing to get the placenta out, but she saw another baby instead.

The second baby wasn’t breathing. Beth panicked but following the recommendations of the doctors on the line shook the baby a bit. And it worked! Fortunately, the baby came to life. Despite her shouting, Andy wouldn’t wake up, and the girl couldn’t leave the bathroom.

Finally, her partner woke up. He didn’t believe that Beth had no idea about her pregnancy. Andy called an ambulance, and when they arrived, they asked her a lot of questions.

I told them I didn’t know I was pregnant or having twins, but nobody believed me – even my partner thought I had hidden it from him.

Beth was taken to a hospital. The doctors established that she was on week 37. If she had delivered under medical supervision, they would have done a C-section. She stayed in a hospital for a week until the babies were checked.

After being discharged, Beth admitted:

I feel lucky because it could have been a lot worse.

Fortunately, the twins were completely healthy.

But Beth’s case is not a one of a kind. According to studies, undetected pregnancy occurs in 1 out of 2,500 cases. The women don’t feel any noticeable symptoms or fetal movements.

In some cases, there are complications due to self-performed delivery resulting in the death of the baby. So, if there is any indication you may be pregnant – don’t delay a visit to the medical specialist.

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