10 Tips That Might Help Avoid Makeup Mistakes And Give A Younger Look


10 Tips That Might Help Avoid Makeup Mistakes And Give A Younger Look

Make-up is surely a wonderful invention. The strive to emphasize beauty is typical for ladies of all ages and social groups since ancient times. At the same time, all these small brushes and pots not only make miracles with our faces but also lift the spirits greatly!

In our modern world, make-up is a real science or art, depending on the point of view. For each woman there is a big importance of esthetic and texture quality of cosmetics, as well as its components.

However, even having cosmetics of the highest quality, representatives of the fair sex make banal mistakes which ruin harmonic image and even can make them look older. Here are 10 hints that can help you avoid casus in make-up.

1. Thick layer of concealer

“Heavy” make-up will immediately add you a couple of years. You’d better choose concealer with light formula which contains high percent of moisturizing cream (60–75%) and mineral micropigments. After applying the cream, sponge it in the places where you have wrinkles to remove excesses. Remember that the more is not always the better.

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2. Too light concealer

If your concealer is much more lighter than your skin tone, it can underline your wrinkles. Even if your face is ivory white, with years it is better to purchase concealer that is a tone or two darker than your own color. In addition, it is preferred to choose cosmetic product containing light-reflecting elements.

3. Corrective concealer

Dark circles are a constant problem. They make us look tired and add age a little bit. If you want to get rid of  “bruises” carefully, it is important to choose the fitting corrective concealer. The top-companies produce really lots of them. Some hide dark circles, others — mask imperfections of skin and are able to adapt perfectly to the color and texture of your skin. As a result, you have no traits of tiredness, only healthy shining!

4. Too much powder

The older the lady is, the more rationally she should use powder. The additional layer will emphasize wrinkles, and face may look like a «dusty mask». After 40 years old, it is better to apply powder only on T-zone to remove unaesthetic shine. Moreover, it is important to prepare correctly your face for the make-up. And you should provide your skin good everyday care to support its elasticity and cleanness.

5. Cheek color

It is also important to pay attention to applying cheek colors. If you apply them only to the upper part of cheeks, you may attract attention to elderly skin if you are not very young. In addition, such variant simply doesn’t fit everyone, but they keep on applying colors “by habit.” You can reach more pleasant visual effect if you apply cheek colors to the upper part of cheek-bones, but not too close to the nose. Better choose natural tints which will surely add freshness to your image.

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6. Mascara on lower eyelashes

Of course, mascara which is applied to lower eyelashes too intensively will emphasize wrinkles around eyes. The best variant is to use the blackest mascara for upper eyelashes. It will make the whites brighter and will visually enlarge eyes. It is better to refuse from mascara for additional volume.

7. Liner on lower eyelid

This make-up trick fits in really rare case. Such lining reduces the size of eye visually and emphasized dark circles. The more optimal variant is an accent on upper eyelids. Moreover, the line should broaden closer to the tail of eye.

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8. Sparkling shadows on tails of eyes

A little bit sparkling make-up is a nice choice, especially for romantic dates and some ceremonies. However, it is important to remember that sparkling eyes can emphasize each wrinkle. So better apply them to the medial angle of the eye and under the eyebrow. And you are beautiful!

9. Lipstick tip

With age, the natural lip line becomes less clear. As a result, when you apply lipstick, you may get the effect as if it “ravels out.” To prevent this mistake, you need to get a lip liner chosen to the tint of your lipstick. With the help of it, you will always look excellent.

10. Bright lipstick

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Bright and dark tints or “metallic” color are not the best choice for your image as well as lips that become thinner. Of course, this doesn’t concern absolutely all ladies, but there is such a tendency. If you have such nuance, better choose neutral and natural tints. Or you may use lip-gloss which will visually enlarge the volume of your lips.

Of course, these hints are not the postulates. But they do have lots of common sense. More elegant make-up will surely add some femininity to your image.


The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Some of the suggestions presented in this article may be harmful to health or may be dangerous. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm or other consequences that may be caused by using the information provided in the article

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