Zara Tindall Sparks Sexism Row As The Buckingham Palace Referred To The Mother Of The Newborn In A Strange Way


Zara Tindall Sparks Sexism Row As The Buckingham Palace Referred To The Mother Of The Newborn In A Strange Way



Zara Tindall was shockingly referred as “Mrs. Michael Tindall” in the welcoming letter from the Buckingham Palace. The officials intended to address the Queen Elizabeth’s newborn great-granddaughter but triggered the outrageous sexism scandal among the royal fans instead.


Newborn kid!

Zara Tindall is the eldest Queen’s granddaughter, the child of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips. Mrs. Tindall and her husband, Michael, had already welcomed their first daughter, Mia Grace, in 2014 and also announced about the birth of the second kid on June 18.


According to the tradition, the happy royal family greeted the couple with the official letter referring to Zara in the way that disturbed the online users.


Royal misunderstanding

“Mrs. Michael Tindall” this is how Buckingham authorities addressed the mother, congratulating her with the birth of the second baby. Social media users didn’t understand the ancient tradition and claimed the palace acted in a sexist way towards Zara.


Furious royal fans couldn’t stop attacking the Buckingham chiefs with the sexism rows, reminding the mother actually has her own name.

The woman deserves her own identity. MRS MICHAEL TINDALL?! Wow.

What’s with these archaic birth announcements from @KensingtonRoyal ‘Mrs Michael Tindall was safely delivered of a baby girl.

Are you kidding me? Mrs Michael Tindall?? The baby was delivered by Ms Zara Phillips / Tindall and her name doesn’t even get mentioned????

Little did they know the use of the husband’s name, while addressing the mother, is actually an ancient royal tradition.

New record

While the adults sort out their relationship, the baby girl has already broken a royal record. The kid appeared on this world weighing 9 lbs 3 oz that is considered the heaviest child born over the century. The previous record was held by the girl’s cousin, Savannah Phillips, the daughter of Zara’s brother Peter Phillips.


We wish the newborn kid stay strong and we patiently look forward to hearing the name of the baby girl.

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