Young At Heart: 10 Elderly Pets That Haven’t Lost Their Charm


Young At Heart: 10 Elderly Pets That Haven’t Lost Their Charm

The life expectancy of pets is pitifully short in comparison with that of humans. That is why it becomes even more important to surround our four-legged companions with love and care when they reach an advanced age.


Elderly pets may be less active than they once used to be; they can sleep more and get tired on walks faster. But rest assured, they love you every bit as much and always want to be near you.

We would like you to meet several long-living pets that are still gorgeous and their masters’ best friends.

10 elderly pets that haven’t lost their charm

1. Age made him wiser, but no less adorable.

Stout is 16 and wants your scritches from r/OldManDog

2. This beauty is 15. Who would have guessed that!

My friend’s cat turned 15 in Japan from r/aww

3. Old Max has turned 19!

Old man Max just celebrated his 19th birthday! from r/OldManDog

4. 2 more years to a quarter of a century!

Looking good for 23!! from r/aww

5. A serious 19-year-old gentleman (and his owner).

Waking up to 2019 like… 🙀 we turn twenty and forty this year! Happy New Year to everyone! from r/seniorkitties

6. 15 years of age but still young at heart.

This old man turned 15 today. Can we wish my four legged baby a happy birthday? from r/aww

7. This furball had 20 candles on his birthday cake.

20 years old and still screaming for more food from r/seniorkitties

8. This lady has also turned 20. So much wisdom in her eyes!

My precious cat turns 20 today. I just got to visit her in Arizona where she’s RVing with my parents, living the life! from r/aww

9. Meet a 12-year-old good boy named Axel.

I was told about this awesome subreddit and want to show you my handsome 12 year old boy Axel! (his ‘pls keep petting me hooman’ face) from r/OldManDog

10. It is such a blessing to have your childhood friend around.

Six. He was about a year old when we got him. My daughter was a year old also. She just turned 25. from r/seniorkitties

We wish these precious long-livers great health and many happy returns!

Do you have pets? How old are they now? Tell us in the comments!

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