"You Know They Make Blankets For That": Mom Went Ballistic On A Breastfeeding Woman, Saying Her Sons "Don't Need To See This"


"You Know They Make Blankets For That": Mom Went Ballistic On A Breastfeeding Woman, Saying Her Sons "Don't Need To See This"



Mom writes a perfect response to a woman who shamed her for breastfeeding at Walmart

Young mom Aleigha Jean was at Cobleskill Walmart when her baby daughter woke up from a nap and wanted to feed. Naturally, Aleigha offered her daughter the breast.

As she was feeding her daughter, a woman approached her and said this:

You know they make blankets for that…because that’s exactly what my 5 and 7 year old sons need to be seeing.

Aleigha was upset. How could a woman, especially one who is also a mom, put her down like that? She took to Facebook and wrote a response to that woman and other mom-shamers, explaining why uncovered breastfeeding is normal and there’s nothing indecent about it.

The mom explained that she was feeding her daughter quite discretely, and that’s what she does wherever and whenever the baby is hungry. She also pointed out that that woman’s sons weren’t even present, but they should be taught to be respectful towards nursing moms.

She added that she did have a blanket with her, but it had gotten dirty and

either way who would want to eat with a blanket on their face.

To conclude, she wrote:

Completely in shock as to how a WOMAN let alone a MOTHER could put a woman down another for that…I shouldn’t ever have to feel ashamed for feeding my child but you ma’am should definitely be ashamed.

The post quickly went viral, garnering almost 5,000 shares. The mom’s message elicited mixed reactions, but most people were supportive. Here are some of the comments:

Aleigha is not alone in this

It seems people have no idea how to react to moms nursing in public. It’s probably best not to stare or say anything, as breastfeeding is natural and definitely isn’t an unethical thing to do publicly.

NAR studio /

However, some mom-shamers just can’t hold back, but nursing moms often have something to say in response! Some react to criticism with humor, and some go on epic rants that are bound to go viral.

nasharaga /

Anyway, it’s about time we accepted breastfeeding for what it is – a natural thing that moms shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of.

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