Women Give Up Bras In Favor Of Bralettes: Main Differences And Advantages Of The Model


Women Give Up Bras In Favor Of Bralettes: Main Differences And Advantages Of The Model

Beautiful lingerie is an essential element of the wardrobe that allows a woman to feel self-confident. We always try to monitor trends and follow them as much as we can. But the problem here is that beautiful models are not always comfortable.

For example, push-up bras have recently been at the peak of popularity. They effectively modeled the figure, but the rigid frames, as well as the additional tabs, made the beautiful women feel uncomfortable. Of course, they can’t be compared with corsets that have helped women achieve the desired effect for centuries: curvy forms with an incredibly thin waist.

Throughout history, women have used various tricks to help them shape and support their breasts. In ancient Egypt, these were thick fabric dressings, later they were replaced by prototypes of modern bras, and in the Middle Ages, those were the same corsets with metal inserts. Models of whalebone and other lighter alternatives appeared much later.

Only at the end of the 19th century did bras allow to transfer the weight onto the shoulders. In addition, the new models were light, didn’t restrict movement, and were made of aesthetically attractive materials. After that, fashion designers started to create many models, allowing women to choose the best on the basis of the features of their figure.

When women became actively involved in sports, many brands included practical and convenient models for exercising. They became the prototype of bralettes that are now becoming increasingly popular. Such models don’t use wires, inserts, and often even clasps. They don’t squeeze the chest, don’t leave painful traces of the straps, and provide soft support. This is especially helpful during periods when the mammary glands are hypersensitive: menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and post-menopause.

Unlike simple and exceptionally functional sports bras, bralettes look like wonderful works of art. They are represented by dozens of designs in a large selection of fabrics – from elegant lace to fairly dense material. One of the features of a bralette is a small piece of cloth right under the breast. This turns them into more-or-less something between underwear and, say, a crop top.

Another advantage of a bralette is its ability to be combined with many clothing items. Lace models are undoubtedly worn as underwear. But some daring women can wear them over clothes (for example, a white T-shirt), as well as in combination with models of transparent fabrics, trousers, and jeans with an oversized waistline.

Both young girls and women of senior age, who value comfort and care about their health, choose bralettes. Paradoxically, many women still can’t find the right size for a classic or a tight-framed bra. This leads to excessive pressure, scuffs, and much more serious health problems. Everything is much more comfortable with bralettes. In addition, they hide the natural asymmetry of the breasts, a problem that often doesn’t allow you to choose a suitable shape of a classic bra.

Of course, every woman chooses what kind of underwear to wear, but quite a lot have already switched to bralettes. And what do you think about this model and its advantages? Share your impressions in the comments.

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