Woman Stopped Cutting Her Hair For 14 Years, And She Is A Real-Life Rapunzel Now


Woman Stopped Cutting Her Hair For 14 Years, And She Is A Real-Life Rapunzel Now

Every hairstylist will preach you to cut your hair regularly, every three or so months, in order to avoid spilt ends, breakage, and tangles. Of course, this is not a strict rule but a simple recommendation. Nonetheless, 27-year-old Russian beauty Daria Gubanova proved that it is not necessary to follow. She stopped cutting her hair for – wait for it – 14 years!

It wasn’t her initial idea. Gubanova said goodbye to routine haircuts after a friend bet her she couldn’t grow her hair to braid it. Well, jokes on the friend, now Daria’s hair is 1.5 meters long and falls down her ankles.

Gubanova can boast long and luscious locks that look like a liquid gold. Her hair is so gorgeous that the Russian beauty has a crazy number of followers on her Instagram account because of it. Some people even ask her to create a YouTube channel and make instructional videos on how to care for your hair.

The modern-day Rapunzel is floating in the sea of compliments every time she posts a picture of her almost six-foot-long hair.

One woman wrote:

You remind me of a Barbie doll. I love everything about you. Keep it up.

Another added:

My friend showed me your videos on Facebook and I just wanted to tell you I am fascinated by your hair. It’s so beautiful.

The world’s longest documented hair belongs to Xie Qiuping (China) at 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in), so Gubanova has a long way to go.

While Daria’s style isn’t obviously for everyone, we have to say her commitment to growing it deserves some admiration. We just want to know how she keeps it so silky and shiny.

C’mon, Daria, give us a hint!

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