Woman Believed Her Marriage Was A Fairytale Until She Lost Her Eyes To The Killers Her Husband Sent Her Way


Woman Believed Her Marriage Was A Fairytale Until She Lost Her Eyes To The Killers Her Husband Sent Her Way

After three decades of building a relationship, one usually looks forward to finally settling down and rekindling the bright spark you once shared with your partner. That is the script, but that was not how it played out for 58-year-old Nancy Shore, a mother of three, devoted Christian and wife to a successful accountant, Frank Howard.

Nancy and Frank’s love story

Nancy and Frank met each other at a church in San Marcos. The couple got married in 1983, and then went on to build a successful relationship with three beautiful kids to their names.

Now, over 20 years into the union, Nancy spreads her horizons beyond the scope of being a housewife. She hoped to spark the romance that was once between her and Frank, as the kids are fully grown.

Surprisingly, Frank did not feel the same way as he told her he needed to focus on a new client he had. Because of that, he began to embark on frequent travels.

Although Nancy never got to meet her husband’s new client, she knew Frank was not the same man he was since he started the job.

Nancy’s betrayal tale

On a fateful day, Nancy was going through her daily routine. She had gone out to get a few things and branched the church for a friend’s baptism ceremony. On getting home, she was confronted with a terrible experience.

A young man in his 20’s, flashed a silver gun at her. It was terrifying she claimed, and the last words which she remembered saying were;

 Jesus, save me

Only if she knew the man was after her life and not her money.

Luckily for her, she survived the tragic incident but lost an eye in the process. Nevertheless, she was grateful for the gift of life. Her family and friends came in their masses to support her, especially her husband who broke down completely on the sight of his wife crippled on a hospital bed.

He was on a business trip, as he claimed when he heard the news.

Nancy made a quick recovery and was doing fine until she received news from her husband that he was having an affair. This broke her down, but worse was coming.

The police investigation proved that her husband was actually the one behind her attack, he wanted her dead so he could be with his mistress, whom he had gone beyond the boundaries to please.

This further tore Nancy apart as she was just recovering from a gunshot attack. Nonetheless, she pulled herself together, and subsequent investigations and trial landed Frank a life imprisonment sentence.

This broke the family apart for a while, with Frank claiming he was innocent throughout the trial but Nancy and her kids found their way back after a few months.

Nancy’s recovery

Despite the hurt, Nancy has done well to move on. She currently works at a law firm that is faith-based and helps clients going through tough times keep their faith alive. She pens down her painful story in a book. Nancy has sure done well for herself.

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