Will There Be An End To Melania Trump’s Humiliation?


Will There Be An End To Melania Trump’s Humiliation?

People have already noticed that since Melania Trump has become First Lady, her face disappeared from all kinds of magazine covers. However, in comparison with other ex-First Ladies, it’s quite weird. The thing is that Michelle Obama has been on Vogue covers three times. The ex-model obviously isn’t used to such state of things as she used to be on the covers all the time.

For the people in the USA, it’s quite common to view the presidential couple as a family role-model. People expect them to respect and admire one another. However, in case of the Trumps, everything is different. Melania openly shows her contempt, while her husband is said to have affairs with all kinds of women.




At the beginning of their presidential journey, Melania Trump was patient and stood by her husband’s side. But now, things are constantly changing, especially after the rumors of the president’s affairs. The First Lady was absent from a few events she should have attended. That’s must be her reaction to the rumors.

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