Why Princess Eugenie's Children Probably Won't Have Titles? Royal Historian Reveals The Reason


Why Princess Eugenie's Children Probably Won't Have Titles? Royal Historian Reveals The Reason



Princess Eugenie won’t marry her beloved Jack Brooksbank until October 12, but people are already talking about their life after the wedding. One of the most interesting things about being a royal is something that will distinguish you from any commoner – your title.


Will Jack get one?

Meghan Markle received a title after she wedded Prince Harry, but will Jack Brooksbank be granted with one after marrying the Queen’s granddaughter?


The royal tradition dictates that a woman usually gets her husband’s title unless her rank is higher. So far, there hasn’t been any announcement on whether Jack will be called a Duke or not. If not, his name won’t change.


His wife, on the other hand, will get to stay Princess, or she can take her husband’s name and become Princess Eugenie Brooksbank.

How about Princess Eugenie’s children?

Neither Eugenie nor Jack spoke out publicly about their desire to have kids. However, when they do decide to expand their family, it is very likely their kids won’t have any titles. Royal historian Carolyn Harris explains:

Princess Eugenie’s children will not have titles unless the Queen decides to bestow an earldom on Jack Brooksbank.


If that doesn’t happen, Jack will remain a commoner and his kids will be the commoners, too. The royal tradition says that the titles pass down through the male line, so it doesn’t matter what kind of title their mother has – if their father doesn’t have one, they won’t have any too.

Will Meghan and Harry’s kids have titles?

Unlike the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, Meghan and Harry’s kids will never be called “Prince” and “Princess.” Only those born into the royal family can have HRH status. The only person who can break this rule is the Queen.


So, it all depends on Her Majesty. But whether she decides to grant a title to Jack or his and Eugenie’s kids, or Meghan and Harry’s kids for that matter, we will see in the future.

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