Why Prince Louis' Christening Will Be Extra Significant For The Queen


Why Prince Louis' Christening Will Be Extra Significant For The Queen

The special day for Kate and William’s third child will take place very soon. Right after little Prince Louis was introduced to the world, many started to wander when his christening will take place.


It took a while for new parents to decide, but they finally settled on a date – July 9. The duke and duchess came to conclusion that the event should be a strictly family matter, so the ceremony will be private.


Special day for royals

There is no doubt the christening of their third child is a special day for Kate and William. But the date holds extra significance for Her Majesty and Prince Philip as well. The reason for that is very romantic. On July 9, the monarch and her beloved husband announced their engagement in 1947, exactly 71 years ago.


Despite being secretly engaged for almost a year, the then-Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten officially proclaimed that they want to marry each other on July 9, 1947. The happy couple then proceeded to take beautiful photos at Buckingham Palace.


The day will be certainly filled with sweet memories for the royal couple, who are expected to join Kate and William at the event. Despite being retired from his royal duties, Prince Philip will likely attend his great-grandson’s christening.

Who will be the godparents?

The names of Prince Louis’ godparents have not been announced yet, but the predicted favorite for a godfather’s role is William’s soon-to-be former private secretary, Miguel Head.

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