Why Does The Moon Turn Red During A Total Lunar Eclipse? Scientists Know The Answer


Why Does The Moon Turn Red During A Total Lunar Eclipse? Scientists Know The Answer

27th of July is not just your regular day. It will mark an incredible event which occurs very rarely. Have you ever seen the red moon? Well, you are about to.


The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is happening on Friday and believe us, you better not miss it. The Earth’s shadow will completely engulf the moon for a total of 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds.

If you are in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, eastern South America or Australia, make sure to raise your head up to the sky and enjoy the view. The rest of the world will have to watch the celestial event online.


But have you ever wondered why the moon turns red during the lunar eclipse? Let the science explain.

The Red Moon

The blood moon used to be a sign of bad omen. In the ancient times, people feared that it indicated the approaching of a terrifying event. But, today we can actually enjoy the wonders of the sky without fearing for our lives.


Every time we look at the moon, it shines brightly at us. What it means is that we are actually seeing sunlight that’s reflected off its surface. So, theoretically speaking, if the earth blokes that sunlight, then the moon should disappear from view. But it doesn’t happen during a total lunar eclipse. Why? See the video below.

The Effects Of The Red Moon

It’s a common notion that the moon has an effect on us, human beings. But what about the lunar eclipse? According to Astrology King’s Jamie Partridge, the way the planets align on July 28 will reflect on our mood.


As the celestial event will be influenced by Mars, we might have to be careful with our emotions. Mars is a fiery planet, which can bring anger and frustration to the surface. But don’t worry, the gentle Saturn will help us find peace and calmness in this frantic world.

Partridge also insists that the longest lunar eclipse in the century will have a powerful influence on our private life. So, make sure to enjoy this magical occurrence whilst cuddling with your loved ones.

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