Who Had Been Melania Trump Dating To Before She Met Donald?

Who Had Been Melania Trump Dating To Before She Met Donald?


October 8, 2018 14:26

Today, Melania and Donald Trump are happily married and raise their son Barron together. But agree it’s always interesting to know about the previous relationships of the public people. What’s about the US First Lady? Who had been Melania dating to before she married Donald?

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Melania Trump’s dating history

A story of a young lady, Melania Trump, born in a small Slovenian town to become the First Lady of the United Stated inspires girls and women around the world.

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Melania and Donald live in a happy marriage for 13 years. The couple began dating two years after Melania moved to America.

As you know, Melania Trump (born Melania Knavs) came from a middle-class family of the small town Sevnica, Slovenia. In 1991, she had a romantic relationship with a young man named Jure Zorcic.

In an interview with ABC, Zorcic described how he first met Melania.

We met each other like in a movie. As I passed by her on my bike, I thought, ‘Wow, who is this girl? She is so beautiful, I must turn back and ask her on a date.’

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Jure explained that he always felt Melania was destined for the fashion world. She told him about her dream to work as a model and cooperate with the biggest fashion brands in Italy and France.

When Melania met Donald

Melania indeed realized her dream and moved to Europe. She walked in the shows for the most outstanding brands in Italy and France.

In 1996, Melania moved to the United States to work as a model. There, she met her future husband. She was 28.

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Donald and Melania met at a New York fashion party. When Mr. Trump asked her for a date, Melania rejected him. However, Donald was persistent and Melania gave up. After two years of dating, they married. In 2006, the couple welcomed their first son together.


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It’s hard to imagine what Melania’s life would be like if she hadn’t met Donald. Maybe, she would still live in Slovenia and marry her then-boyfriend. Well, what’s the point to guess?! We are really happy for Melania and Donald and wish them to keep their love strong for many long years.

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