White Woman Called The Cops On A 9-Year-Old Black Boy For 'Sexually Assaulting' Her In A Public Place


White Woman Called The Cops On A 9-Year-Old Black Boy For 'Sexually Assaulting' Her In A Public Place

Can a 9-year-old child be accused of sexually assaulting an adult? The exchange between a white woman in Brooklyn and a black minor, who she called the cops on, is causing a lot of outrage online.


She called the cops on a 9-year-old

Teresa Klein claims she was shopping at a deli in the Flatbush area when a 9-year-old boy touched her inappropriately. She promptly called the cops and went ahead to confront the boy and his mom.

While she attacked the family, the boy and his sister became confused by the confrontation and began to cry. The incident was filmed and uploaded by a Facebook user, who identifies himself as Jason Stovetop Littlejohn.

Why is this becoming a trend?

It immediately went viral, with social media users slamming Klein. She has now become known as ‘Cornerstore Caroline’ online.

This derogatory name makes her part of a growing community of white women slammed online for calling the cops on black people, particularly kids, for various public acts they deem provocative.

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Weeks ago, a woman who called the cops on 2 black men using a charcoal grill at Lake Merritt in Oakland earned the name ‘BBQ Becky’. Another white woman was also filmed calling the cops on a black girl for selling water in their neighborhood without a permit. She became known as ‘Permit Patty’.

Remember Emmett Till?

Klien’s accusation of this little boy reminds people of a similar claim by a white woman in 1955.

Carolyn Bryant falsely accused 14-year-old Emmett Till of flirting with her while he was in her family’s shop in Mississippi. The teenager was later discovered dead, murdered by her family members. Klein has apologized after CCTV showed that she was, in fact, wrong, and people online are full of praise for the neighbors who called her out.

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