What A Family Kin! Celine Dion Has 13 Talented Siblings. What Do They Do?


What A Family Kin! Celine Dion Has 13 Talented Siblings. What Do They Do?

Celine Dion is one of the most remarkable figures across the globe. Her talent, kindness, and inner beauty can attract everybody with a blink of an eye. 

Even though the Canadian singer is a single mother since her beloved husband’s death, she gives all of herself to her 3 sons, Nelson, Eddy, and Rene-Charles. 

The star has claimed multiple times that children are her power, happiness, and luck. She loves them with all her fibers and tries to be the best version of herself, showing her affection, care, and love. 

Family kin

Celine has always dreamt of having her own huge family. Besides the fact that she has 3 children, Dion can actually be proud of her siblings’ love, since she has 13 brothers and sisters. Can you imagine it? 

The Canadian singer has 9 sisters and 4 brothers overall. Her elder sister, Denise Dion, is the firstborn. Just like her parents’ dream, she opted for a huge family, having 6 children by now. Another older sister of hers, Clement, is into business. She is the owner of a golf club ‘Le Mirage’ and is a mother-of-four. Liette and Linda are the ones who don’t have a big family. Lietta’s daughter died at 16, and Linda is childless. Louise looks a lot like the firstborn, Denise. She prefers to keep a low profile, although we do know that she has 3 kids. 

Elder sisters, Ghislaine and Claudette are singers, just Like Celine. Her other two sisters, Manon and Pauline are the part of Dion’s crew: Manon is a personal assistant, and Pauline is an event manager. The latter has 6 kids, unlike Manon, who has no offspring. 

Speaking of brothers, elder brothers Michel and Jacques are also singers, and they always help Celine if she needs them in some issues. Also, her older sibling Paul is a charity man and works closely with his mom in such activities. He’s a father of 3 kids, whereas Michel is childless, and Jacques has one son. One of Celine’s brothers, Daniel, isn’t alive. He died several days after her husband’s passing. He was also a singer and a doting father-of-three.

Oh my God, what a big family! If you take most of them, they have three or more children. We do think this is adorable and perfect. 

The all-in-one picture

In 2017, Celine Dion felt homesick and shared a rare lovely photo of her siblings celebrating her mother Therese’s 90th birthday. She added the caption, "What a privilege for all of us to still have you around. Happy 90th birthday mom! We love you." Everybody seemed joyous, happy, and interactive. We can’t believe that someone can have such a big, friendly kin! But surely, it’s more than amazing. 

Celine Dion doesn’t have a smooth life, but she definitely knows how to stay strong for children and herself. 

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