We Must Pay Attention To The Early Morning Of January 31: The Super Blue Moon And Blood Will Hang Appearing In The Sky


We Must Pay Attention To The Early Morning Of January 31: The Super Blue Moon And Blood Will Hang Appearing In The Sky

Fasten your seatbelt for a once in a lifetime experience on the 31st of January 2018. The unusual phenomenon that will occur that night is the display of a blue super moon and a bloody moon right there in the sky.

The last time such an astronomical spectacle was witnessed was 150 years ago!


What is a blue super moon and blood?

According to astronomers, a supermoon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and its size increases by up to 14% and it looks 30% brighter.

Now, it’s called blue supermoon, when it is the second full moon that occurs in the same month. As for a moon of blood, this happens when the satellite turns red due to an eclipse placed between the earth and the sun.


The fascinating gist is that on the 31st of January, we will be able to witness these two astronomical events at the same time on the same night. An unprecedented fact in our lives given that it will happen again only in a few hundred years.

What should we do to see it better?

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To savor this experience, be well informed ahead of time about the climatic and atmospheric conditions of your city on the 31st night. If there is a forecast of rain or cloudy sky, you might want to go to another city to have a better visibility of the phenomenon.

According to specialists, the blue moon, unlike other phenomena, can be seen perfectly from anywhere in the world that night because it is the earth that causes the shadow. However, this is not the case with the blood moon.

It can only be seen with more intensity in certain areas of Alaska, Greenland, Canada, the South Pacific and eastern China, Mongolia and Russia.

As for Latin America, there is a possibility of the blood moon being present partially, in the early hours of the 31st morning.

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A ritual to attract good energies

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It even gets better. If you have the faintest belief in astrology, you can maximize this occurrence to improve your luck in life.

Get a circle made of aluminum and leave it on your window. To attract money, place a little rice inside the circle. For better luck with love, place a favorite piece of clothing you have within it. And for specific desires, place a paper that you have written out your exact wishes on within it.

The next day, collect the objects you left on the window within the aluminum circle and store them in a box until the next full moon. It is believed that the supermoon carries good vibes that will help bring your desires to pass.

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For the adventurous and daring, save the date. The night of January 31st will have you witnessing a unique and once in a lifetime wonder.

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